30 June, 2011

Newcastle United's Greatest Ever Throw-Ins..

Hello Sun-Seekers!
Taking five minutes out from sunning myself on Tynemouth Beach to talk about a topic which means a lot to me.
Well, maybe I'm only doing this as it's the only Newcastle United topic not covered so far in this off-season. Plus it's a lovely change from people screaming at the internet to find out why we haven't signed Messi or the cast from Glee.

In no particular order, asides that which lists them in numerical order of awesome. Here's the top Newcastle United throw ins of recent times.
Note: These are the views of myself and your employer.

2. That throw in against Man Utd in the 5-0 game. Just before the third.. Where Cantona stamps on Shearer's ankle. Sky and the seemingly the rest of society miss it.. Dennis Irwin, who always looked forty, is actually seen trying to "Shh.." Shearer down just after..
Anyhow. As Cantona stamps down on Shearer's ankle, he also miss-controls the ball, sending it out of play.. Quick throw in.. Shearer gets the ball.. Round Irwin, to the byline. Cross from the corner. Sir Les. Fuck you. Goodnight.
I haven't got a fucking clue who took the throw in.

1. That throw in Steve Watson used to do, for a laugh.

Can't leave this without:

I'm away back to my sun lounger.. If a seagull has nicked wor chips there's going to be hell on.
Carry on.
U2? Fucking Beyonce? Ho'way... QOTSA every day of the week..