05 July, 2012

It's George, out.

The heat is buggering about with people's minds, it'd seem.
I'm a big fan of confused people. I can't be bothered to go find the YouTube clip, but that Mackems vs Charlton game where they score three own goals in a half hour or so is some of the finest action caught on film.
That half hour could save the laugh track, should it's popularity ever dip.

Summer is stressful..

It's been (let's check the OFFICIAL NUFC CALENDAR ***PRO FAN*** here one moment) 5 days into the transfer window, and my never ending shambling run through twitter has unearthed the following.

We're signing De Jong.
Not that De Jong.
We're signing Douglas.
No, he isn't called Douglas De Jong, it's two people.
He's Brazilian.
He's Dutch.
They're both on the fringe of the Dutch squad.
He's decided to play for Holland.
They're ripping us off.
FC Twente
Oh aye, Steve McClaren.
I've no idea if we're signing him.
We aren't signing De Jong.
We're signing Douglas.
We're signing De Jong if we can meet their valuation.
They're ripping us off.
Douglas is too big headed. We aren't signing him.
It's a fake account out of Chile.
He's a right back. He's playing against England.
It's a fake account.
It's a fake account.
He's adding friends on Twitter while Debuchy is playing here against the Ukraine.
He's friends with Yohan Cabaye.
No, the real Yohan Cabaye, not some fake Yohan on Twitter.
It's been moved to Sunday the 21st of November.
I had better knock out a cheap photoshop while I'm thinking on.
Excellent. You can't beat Shola.
Certainly not by using conventional weapons.
Better unfollow that fake Leon Best account.
Christ football is dull when it isn't actually being played.
Debuchy is mates with Yohan. There's a photo. I dunno.
I have no idea who we're signing.

...Summer is fun!
I'm going back to my sun lounger.
Viva Fenham!